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September 6, 2012

The Philippines as an emerging market is full of skilled workers to help you make your business succeed and flourish in the country. The Filipino worker, with his or her proficiency in English, already has a competitive edge, making the Philippines one of the top, if not the top, destination for Business Process Outsourcing and outward/inward Call Center businesses all over the world.

Part of the reason for this boost in competitive advantage lies in the efforts of the Philippine government in improving the skills of the Filipino workforce through the provision of opportunities for further specialized training as embodied by the TESDA, or the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Apart from the vocational courses available for highly specific industries, the TESDA also offers language proficiency courses for potential employees of Business Process Outsourcing firms and Call Centers. The TESDA likewise welcomes the participation of private enterprises in its mission to lift up the collective standards of manpower in the Philippines. Should you decide to invest in the Philippines through the establishment of trade training centers, TESDA accreditation will be required in order to conduct trainings for specific jobs and vocations.  The process of accreditation, and certification with TESDA is your first step to realizing your business objectives while positively impacting the lives of people around you.

Investing in training in the Philippines not only proves to be a lucrative business opportunity, but also serves as a valuable link in the chain that binds Philippine Economics together. It is one of the basic building blocks which ensures more progress and more development for years to come.

Triple i will definitely be of service to investors who are inclined doing this type of business.

By: Ryan Robert Flores – Legal Department

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