FDA Philippines, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

January 22, 2014
Blue Pills

International Standardization Organization (ISO)’s quality management system standards is awarded to organizations or companies that want to implement international standards to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations.

The ISO certificate for Quality Management System (QMS) has been awarded to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by the TUV Rheinland Philippines.

The FDA was able to achieve this notable accomplishment as a move towards good governance and a belligerent fight against graft and corruption.

FDA’s core transactions, which are licensing of health-concerned establishments and registration of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical device, and household products, are in the scale of the ISO accreditation.

This testament attests that the Philippine FDA has taken another step in facing a more complex regulatory environment without compromising public health and awareness. This substantiates the FDA’s continuous process of developing new strategic plans to build a bridge connecting the government authorities, the industry, and the market while ensuring that the safety, quality and efficacy of these health products are still intact upon reaching the end users.

In view of that fact, the FDA spearheads the promotion of straight, righteous governance towards excellence, practice of efficient and effective programs, and the openness to innovation using advanced technologies. For that reason, transactions offered at the administration will be swiftly attended to, without compromising client satisfaction in order to reach the market at no cost where the increase of public demand for products and health commodities are to be achieved.

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