Legal BlogImmigration Memorandum Circular on the Extension and Updating of Temporary Visitor’s Visa (TVV)

January 22, 2014

The Bureau of Immigration thru BI Commissioner Siegfred B. Mison issued Immigration Memorandum Circular No. SBM 2013-003, approved by Honorable Secretary of Justice (SOJ) Leila M. de Lima.  It provides policies and guidelines on the extension and updating of temporary visitor’s visa (TVV).  As a rule, extension of stay is a matter of grace which should be strictly interpreted; it is not a ministerial duty on the part of the Commissioner to extend the stay of temporary visitor. The grant or denial of applications for extension of stay is subject to the Commissioner’s exercise of sound discretion based on reciprocity and dictates of public policy and public welfare.

Allowable Extensions-Foreigners admitted under Section 9 (a) of the Philippine Immigration act (PIA) of 1940, as amended, or Executive Order No. 408, as amended, may extend their authorized stay every two (2) months for a total stay of not more than twenty-four (24) months for visa-required nationals; and thirty-six (36) months for non-visa required nationals. The said periods shall be counted from the date of applicant’s latest recorded arrival.

Foreigners with Derogatory Records -Foreigners included in the Bureau’s derogatory list shall be allowed to extend/ update their authorized stay as temporary visitors; Provided that, their inclusion in the derogatory list is not on the ground of having overstayed in the country.

Restrictions on Extension/Updating- The following applications for extension/ updating, accompanied by a sworn written explanation stating valid grounds and/or justifications with supporting documents, shall require the approval of the Commissioner:

  • a) Extensions of stay beyond the maximum allowable stay prescribed in Section 2 hereof; and
  • b) Foreigners who have overstayed for more than six (6) months but not exceeding twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period.

Acquisition of Appropriate Visa/Permit- Foreigners may be granted an extension beyond the maximum allowable period provided that they shall secure appropriate visas/ permits during such extension and have not overstayed in any given period.

Overstaying Foreigners-Foreigners who have overstayed for twelve (12) months or less but have been in the country beyond the maximum allowable period already may be permitted to update their stay with order to leave the country within fifteen (15) calendar days therefrom and their names may be included in the Bureau’s blacklist upon the discretion of the Commissioner; Provided that, the Commissioner, in the exercise of sound judgment, may allow such foreigners to update and extend their stay taking into consideration their Filipino lineage, medical condition, minority and other analogous circumstances.

Foreigners who have overstayed for more than twelve (12) months regardless if their stay is within the maximum allowable period or those found to be overstaying by virtue to a complaint or Mission Order regardless of the period shall be referred for deportation.

Payment- In addition to the extension/ updating fees and other charges, the concerned foreigners shall be required to pay all immigration arrears imposed by Republic Act No. 562, as amended.

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