Business Consulting BlogHow to Calculate Holy Week Holiday Pay (and Black Saturday)

March 5, 2024

In the Philippines, Holy Week is a significant period leading up to Easter, characterized by a series of holidays that hold profound religious and cultural importance. This week includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, days on which most Filipino workers are exempt from work to observe these solemn holidays. During this time, it is customary for many to embark on vacations or participate in religious observances. Understanding the intricacies of wage calculation during this period is essential for employers and employees to ensure compliance with the Philippine Labor Code.

Wage Calculation During Holy Week According to the Philippine Labor Code

Regular Days: Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

The days leading up to Maundy Thursday, specifically April 3, 4, and 5, are considered regular working days. During these days, no special wage rates apply. Compensation is straightforward; employees earn their wages based on the standard hourly rate or daily rate, with the former calculated by dividing the daily wage by eight hours and the latter by multiplying the hourly wage by the number of hours worked in a day.

Holiday Pay: Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are designated as official holidays, entitling employees to holiday pay. These days, employees who report for work will receive double their regular pay rate. This means that employees are compensated at 200% of their daily wage for a standard eight-hour workday, effectively earning their basic wage plus an additional amount equivalent to a full day’s pay.

Special Non-Working Day: Black Saturday

Black Saturday is classified as a special non-working day. Unlike regular holidays, the compensation for work on this day is calculated at 130% of the employee’s basic daily wage. Should the special non-working holiday coincide with an employee’s rest day, the pay rate is increased to 150% of the basic wage.

Regular Day: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is observed as a regular working day. Employees scheduled to work on this day will receive their usual wages. For those without fixed work schedules, work performed on Easter Sunday is compensated at 130% of the daily wage.

Example Calculations for Holy Week Holiday Pay

Consider an employee with an hourly wage of 500 pesos. On a regular eight-hour workday, plus two hours of overtime during a holiday such as Maundy Thursday or Good Friday, the calculation is as follows:

  • Regular 8-hour workday pay: 500 pesos/hour x 8 hours = 4,000 pesos
  • Holiday pay rate (200%): 4,000 pesos x 2 = 8,000 pesos
  • Overtime pay for holidays (additional 30%): 500 pesos/hour x 1.30 (overtime rate) x 2 hours = 1,300 pesos
  • Total pay for the day: 8,000 pesos (regular holiday pay) + 1,300 pesos (overtime) = 9,300 pesos
  1. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday:
    1. The employee’s daily wage is 500 pesos x 8 hours = 4,000 pesos.
    2. For working on these holidays, they are entitled to 200% of their daily wage, which is 4,000 pesos x 2 = 8,000 pesos per day.
    3. Overtime pay, typically calculated at 130% of the hourly rate for holidays, would add an additional (500 pesos x 1.3 x 2 hours) = 1,300 pesos, making the total pay for each day 9,300 pesos.
  2. Black Saturday:
    1. The employee would earn 130% of their daily wage for working on this special non-working day, equaling 4,000 pesos x 1.3 = 5,200 pesos, plus overtime pay of 1,300 pesos, for a total of 6,500 pesos.
  3. Easter Sunday:
    1. Assuming it’s a regular workday, the pay would simply be the daily wage plus overtime, totaling 4,000 pesos + (500 pesos x 2 hours) = 5,000 pesos, unless it coincides with a rest day, in which case the 130% rule would apply, adjusting the calculations accordingly.

This computation ensures that employees receive fair compensation by the Philippine Labor Code for work performed during these significant holidays.

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