How to Renew a License to Operate (LTO) With the FDA Philippines

August 31, 2023

The Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a regulatory agency under the Department of Health responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices in the country. Established in 2009, the FDA is crucial in safeguarding public health by regulating these products’ production, distribution, and marketing.

A License to Operate (LTO) issued by the Philippines FDA is a mandatory requirement for businesses engaged in manufacturing, importing, distributing, and selling regulated products. This license signifies that a company has met the necessary standards and complies with regulatory requirements to operate within the Philippines. The LTO is essential to ensure that businesses adhere to quality and safety standards, minimizing potential consumer risks.

Understanding LTO Renewal

An LTO is not a one-time authorization; it requires periodic renewal to ensure ongoing compliance with evolving regulations and to maintain the integrity of the regulatory system. The renewal frequency varies based on the product category and the associated risk level. Generally, LTO renewal occurs every three years, although this may change based on regulatory updates.

The LTO Renewal Process

Requirements for Renewal: To initiate the LTO renewal process, companies must gather several documents and information, including:

  • A duly accomplished application form for renewal
  • Proof of payment of renewal fees
  • Current and valid Certificates of Product Registration (CPRs) for applicable products
  • Updated organizational structure and personnel list
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certification (if applicable)
  • Compliance with any new regulatory guidelines or changes

Renewal Methods: Online vs. In-Person The Philippines FDA provides online and in-person LTO renewal options. The online method offers convenience and expediency, allowing businesses to submit renewal applications through the FDA’s online portal. In-person renewal involves physically submitting the necessary documents to the FDA office.

Process for Online Renewal:

  1. Access the FDA’s online portal and create an account if not already done.
  2. Fill out the LTO renewal application form online and upload the required documents.
  3. Pay the renewal fee online through the portal.
  4. Await confirmation and processing of the renewal application.

Process for In-Person Renewal:

  1. Collect all necessary documents.
  2. Visit the nearest FDA office or satellite office.
  3. Submit the completed application form and documents to the designated FDA officer.
  4. Pay the renewal fee at the FDA office.
  5. Receive a receipt and await confirmation of renewal.

Renewal Fees: The renewal fee varies based on the type of establishment and the products being handled. Fees can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of Philippine pesos.

Verifying LTO Renewal

After completing the renewal process, companies can verify the status of their LTO renewal through the FDA’s online portal. This verification provides assurance to businesses and their stakeholders that their operations remain compliant and authorized.

Importance of Timely Renewal and Penalties

Renewing the LTO on time is crucial for several reasons. It ensures the uninterrupted continuity of business operations, maintains compliance with regulatory standards, and upholds consumer safety. Timely renewal also reflects a company’s commitment to responsible business practices.

Penalties for late renewal can include fines, operations suspension, or LTO revocation. Additionally, businesses that operate without a valid LTO are at risk of hefty penalties and legal actions. Non-compliance can tarnish a company’s reputation and disrupt its operations, potentially leading to significant financial losses.


Renewing an LTO with the Philippines FDA is a meticulous process that underscores the agency’s commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of products in the market. By complying with LTO renewal requirements and deadlines, businesses demonstrate their dedication to responsible operations, consumer protection, and the overall advancement of public health. Adhering to the renewal process not only safeguards the interests of consumers but also preserves the integrity of the Philippine regulatory landscape.

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