1000% Increase of FDA Fees

February 4, 2013
Blue Pills

As discussed with our previous blog FDA is emerging from the dark ages but with its improvement and quality of services comes with a price. FDA Registration fees have climbed across the board.

You might want to register your company or your new products as early as 1st quarter of the year. There is an almost 1000% increase of the government fees for company and product registration. This has been going on for the past 2 to 3 years and with the new administration and improvements they will be able to justify the increase. But with a HOPE of fast and speedy release of our application and maybe that will come later.

We have attached the proposed New Fees for the FDA and you can also get it from their website for your reference https://www.fda.gov.ph/ Fee Restructure. FDA is planning to implement the new fees by 3rd quarter of this year or earlier as soon as everything is in place for the new regulations.

For our next write up we will inform and update everybody regarding the new process flow and regulations. It’s either “Approved or Denied!”

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