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February 10, 2013

How do I register my company in the Philippines? How can a corporation export its products/services to this emerging economy of 100 million consumers?  These are probably some of the most frequently asked questions in the vibrant capital Manila in this new era of the Philippines.  What was once seen as the “sick man” of Asia, registered in 2012 an economic expansion of 6.6%, much faster than expected, and breaching the government’s target and surprising global markets.

Every investor is looking at the Philippines and its economic growth’s forecast for 2013 – between 6% to 7%. This shows that its macro economy story is one of the greatest in the region. With a qualified and young labor force, amazing governmental incentives and a growing and consumerist middle class are some of the factors that place this country at the top of the list for several multinationals.

The main concern remains in the bureaucracy that characterizes its political system and institutions and which drives companies to easier countries to do business but with less potential as Singapore or Malaysia.

Despite that, setting up your business in the Philippines will undoubtedly be less costly and time consuming if you outsource these responsibilities to our multinational and experienced team of business consultants. With a deep and broad knowledge of the Philippines, its legislation and characteristics, Triple i Consulting is one the fastest growing management consulting firms in the Philippines and is the solution for companies that want to have a smooth and fast access to this booming economy.

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