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December 26, 2012

Filing your working visa application with the Bureau of Immigration takes a lot of time. It involves preparation of documentary requirements, attending a hearing, undergo fingerprinting and biometrics, and waiting ‘til the visa is approved.  The moment the visa is approved, it has to be implemented and stamped in the passport.  After the implementation, the ICARD has to be issued but requires yet another waiting for its release.

There are information which the Bureau of Immigration are very particular about and one must observe.  Otherwise, your papers will be a bit delayed.  Likewise, attending a hearing is something one cannot dismiss. Lest, failure to appear on the scheduled hearing may cause denial of the application.

In the event your visa application is favorably acted upon by the hearing officer and approved by the Board of Commissioners, the visa is therefore subject for implementation. If, for one reason or another, you fail to implement your approved visa because you were either out of the country or very busy, or totally forgot about your application, there is a huge possibility that your approved visa will be denied implementation.  This is in view of the Memorandum Order No. ADD-03-014 which was issued by the Bureau of Immigration to minimize delays and backlogs in the implementation of approved visas.  Under said Memorandum Order, non-implementation of visas within TWO (2) MONTHS from approval shall mean abandonment of the Petition.  Ergo, to implement your approved visa outside said period is tantamount to denial.  This, therefore renders all your effort in futility.

All said, while one may cross the bridge on one’s own, it is, however, without harm to get assisted by someone who knows the process from A-Z.  This gives you assurance in your application from the beginning ‘til end.  With Triple i, we can confidently give you that kind of assurance. Contact us!

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