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October 23, 2012

As business consultants, we see first hand the amount of interest that is coming from global companies who want to explore their business opportunities in the Philippines. With easy access to a vast, young, educated and English speaking workforce, the opportunities are endless. Combine this with a massive improvement in infrastructure and increased transparency and you have the perfect South East Asian balance.

With Europe in decline with little light at the end of the tunnel and the rest of the Western world trying to keep their heads above water, many companies are now targeting the Philippines for real tangible growth prospects.

Whilst it is true that the Philippines offers some incredible business opportunities for foreign investors , realizing these opportunities can be a challenge. Things here work very differently from the US or Europe. There are various options on formations and many laws governing ownership and tax breaks and ever changing commercial requirements . To ensure you are doing everything right, you must take advice from an expert.

Triple i has helped hundreds of companies achieve their business goals over the years and our understanding of the Philippines is second to none. Lets us meet the challenge with you and help you explore the new opportunities of the Philippines.

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