Environmental BlogPublic Consultation as Part of Environmental Impact Assessment

April 30, 2013

The Environmental Impact Assessment process is used to determine the effect of the project to the environment whether it is positive or negative. The term environment does not only refer to air, water and soil. It also involves the surrounding community. Therefore, the EIA process aims not only to protect the air, water and soil but also the existing community that might be affected when the project will be approved. Public consultation gives opportunity to the local community to be informed about the project

It may also function as a way for their voice be heard and state how they feel about the project. They can ask questions and raise concerns. Those concerns will then be documented and considered in the impact mitigation of the project. This part of the EIA process is sensitive. Oppositions will arise surely if the projects and problems that will be encountered are not addressed carefully. Although it cannot be prevented, but a comprehensive approach and commitment to help in protecting their surroundings/environment is a big help.

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