Food and Drug BlogTriple i Becomes the First Company to be Part of Regulatory Group

April 29, 2013

Last February 2013, while the Food and Drug Administration was in the transition period where all the regulations and process of company and product registration was being changed, the industry was able to create an association for the regulatory affairs consultants who specializes in the regulations and procedures of the FDA. The objective of the Association is to promote, protect and represent the companies in the food, drug, cosmetics, medical device and related industry to those not knowledgeable in the process and regulations of the FDA and to promote equitable access to and effective use of the rules and regulations, policies and information in support of regulatory duties, roles and responsibilities.

The Association is composed of members that specialize in the field of company and product registration in the Food, Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics Industry. Members are knowledgeable in the laws and regulations implemented by different agencies for the said industry.

We are happy to inform you that the Association for the Regulatory Affairs Specialist Inc. is already registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and has already been acknowledge by the Food and Drug Administration.

Triple i Consulting Inc. is one of the first members of the Association and the only member registered as a company.

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