Legal BlogSetting Up a Business in Mandaue City

May 23, 20130

Mandaue City is the next frontier of booming businesses in Cebu. Being adjacent to Cebu City, its location is highly-recommended for those who would like to start a new company in the island of Cebu.

Registering your business in Mandaue City is quite easy provided that you have all realty clearances in place. Perhaps because of its rustic atmosphere, Mandaue City has a strict implementation when it comes to land or building-related requirements such as Occupancy Permits and Tax Declarations of Land and Buildings.

Before you can obtain a Business Tax Assessment from the Mandaue City Hall, you need to complete the requirements of the Zoning Division. This entails dealing with the local government units such as the City Engineering and City Assessor’s. If you happen to be sub-leasing your business unit, a Lessor’s Permit is mandatory and required before your Business Permit is printed. As a matter of fact, you need to present an affidavit from the lessor of your business unit stating, among other things, that you are allowed to sublease.

These procedures of local registration can be confusing to starters but with an external party doing the work strategically, you can save valuable time. With its 6-year experience in the field of consultancy, Triple i Consulting, can efficiently execute these processes promptly.

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