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March 18, 2013

Triple i has being doing business in the Philippines for almost 6 years. We have met countless business people, discussed hundreds of business ideas, projects and other development topics that enable us to say that one of the keys for a successful venture in the Philippines is finding the right business partner. You can dispute that this is a key element in any country, but in emerging and conservative economies such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam or China, this assumes a crucial influence in the achievement of your goals in these economies.

The Philippines is a country of rising opportunities and its economic growth attracts more and more multinationals who seek business opportunities with lower operational costs. This proves to be some of the elements behind the success of this nation. Sure there are big chances and opportunities, but do not take the Filipino market as easy and think everything is possible. This article is not another “fairytale”, doing business in the Philippines has never been simple and is what we called: “Asia for advanced”.

You need to have a reliable and competent partner and the best way to penetrate in this market is to hire a good consultant with knowledge about the local business and culture to support you in the development of your company.  There is a big difference whether you want to establish a branch office, a local corporation or if you are just looking for a distributor of your products. Choosing the right business structure will depend on the kind of business you want to develop in the Philippines and Triple i, with its experience of incorporating and supporting countless companies all over the Philippines is the right partner for a smoother and efficient entrance in this market.

Triple i will not only incorporate your business in Manila, Cebu or other city in the Philippines. We have indeed opened call centers, registered business from the most diverse industries and countries. But the importance and role of a good consultant goes much beyond that and by establishing a personal and dedicated relation with our partners, Triple i knows the exact goals, concerns and limitations of our partners. Working together with multinationals, SME’S and small entrepreneurs,  with its broad range of services and experienced team of business, legal, accounting, tax and environmental experts, Triple i makes the Philippines an easier and more profitable place to do business.

If you want to learn more about the Philippines and our services, please request assistance of one our business consultants.


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