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November 28, 2012

Are you sure that you’re living with environmentally safe surroundings?  In the Philippines, we have Environmental Impact Statement System under Presidential Decree 1586 which was ratified on June 11, 1978. The main objective of this law is to maintain the balance between the environment and the socio-economic development of the country. It aims to protect the environment despite the increasing demand of natural resources and development to attain sustainability.

Every proposed environmentally critical project or project located in environmentally critical area shall prepare an Environmental Impact Statement to justify why the project should be implemented. The Environmental impact Statement also contains the predicted impact which is most likely to occur and affect the environment and the surrounding communities as well. Along with it are the proper mitigation or environmental measures to minimize if not prevented the said negative impacts to the environment. However, the EIS or Environmental Impact Statement does not end with that. It covers the monitoring program for different environmental media such as air, water, soil and development program for the existing community. Upon the approval of the EIS, Environmental Compliance Certificate will be issued by the Environmental Management Bureau.

On the other hand, the non- environmentally critical project or projects that are not located in environmentally critical areas are required to submit Project Description Report which indicates the environmental measures basic information about the proposed project. Upon its approval, Certificate of Non- Coverage or CNC will be issued by the Environmental Management Bureau. Failure to comply with this law has a corresponding punishment, e.g. suspension or cancellation of certificates or fine not exceeding Php 50,000.00.

Compliance with this law is essential in protecting the environment. Through EIS, the likely adverse ecological impact of the project that might occur will properly be mitigated. It is also for the benefit of the people in the community that will be affected if the project will cause negative impact on the environment. The permits like Environmental Compliance Certificate or Certificate of Non-Coverage that will be issued by the DENR-EMB will certify that the project is environmentally safe.

In this regard, do you or your company have ECC or CNC? Do you understand your duties and responsibilities in having those environmental permits? Triple i Consulting is here to assist you with environmental compliance. We can prepare the necessary report, whether Environmental Impact Statement or Project Description Report, and acquire permits to comply with this law.

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