Business Consulting BlogWhat Employers Should Know About Philippine Labor Laws

December 5, 20120

Knowing laws on labor and employment is vital for domestic and international companies based in the Philippines since a minor violation could lead you to big troubles and, ultimately, financial losses.  Most employers in the Philippines (especially those who do not have a legal counsel) violate these laws not because they intend to but because they do not have a deep knowledge nor expertise in the local labor code that contains several provisions which are beneficial to labor.

Philippine is among Southeast Asia’s “New Tigers” and this year will be the only economy in the world that will grow more than expected by the International Monetary Fund  (IMF). This market offers amazing business opportunities. But being successful in this economy demands a permanent update on the last changes in Labor law and jurisprudence.  In fact, there have been events where employees slapped their previous companies with labor suits that very often ends with painful payments of huge amounts of money representing unpaid wages or benefits and damages.

To avoid facing these challenges, Triple i Consulting has labor lawyers and HR specialists on hand to assist you with most aspects of a company’s HR department. Our guidance and effort will aim to make business productive and reach the goal of zero labor case.

Our service include:

  • Consultation and advice on drafting the Company Manual;
  • Employment Contracts;
  • Company Policies;
  • Provide clear legal interpretation on the above;
  • Offer Legal Operational Support on Employment Law/HR matters.


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