Self-Monitoring Report Series: Ambient Air, Water Quality, Solid Wastes and Other Information

March 8, 2013
Environmental Sprout

Module 5 of the quarterly SMR pertains to the ambient air quality monitoring (as per ECC conditions), water quality monitoring (as per ECC conditions), solid waste characterization, other ECC conditions and the environmental management plan.

For ambient air, companies must monitor the ambient air around the establishments which frequency is based on conditions stated in the ECC.  Parameters to be monitored are noise level, CO, NOx and TSP.

Air Quality Module 5

Water quality of the nearest body of water must also be monitored as based on the ECC condition.  The quality per parameter must be filled in the table below along with the location and description of the sampling stations.

Ambient Water Quality Chart

Other conditions stated in the ECC must be presented in the table below, as well as the status of compliance and actions being taken for continuous compliance vis-à-vis the ECC conditions.

Other ECC Condition Chart

Relative to the ECC conditions, the environmental management plan of the company must also be provided with data on the enhancement measures being implemented and the actions being taken to achieve them.

Environmental Management Plan

The last table of Module 5 is focused on the characterization and information with regards to solid waste generation such as the average quantity of solid wastes generated per month and per quarter; the average quantity of solid wastes collected per month and per quarter; the entity in charge of the collection and the brief description of solid waste management plan regarding waste reduction, segregation and recycling.

Solid Waste Charicterization Chart

This ends the Self-Monitoring Report series.  Our company, Triple i Consulting, Inc. helps clients go through the understanding and preparation of SMR.  We are based in Makati City and would love to talk to you regarding your environmental needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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