Business Consulting BlogTop 5 Reasons To Outsource Your Business to, and in the Philippines

November 8, 2013

1. Philippines – The ideal place

No, it’s not just the good weather, the amazing landscape, its warm people and the first class lifestyle that are turning this country into a top investment destination for both corporations and individuals searching for the best country to place their funds.

Strategically located in the fastest growing region in the world and integrated within the vast framework of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, the Philippines offers unlimited business opportunities in the most diverse economic sectors such as Pharmaceutical, IT, Tourism and Food & Beverage. With a growing and lively middle class and a westernized population that will possibly double within the next three decades, companies from all over the world are looking at this country as an easy get away from the economic recession that is still disturbing European Union and United States.

2. Gain access to a market of 100 M and Reduce your operational costs

The Philippines is the 12th most populated country in the world and its growing and optimistic consumers offer great potential to your company.

Simultaneously, due to the difference in wages between western countries and Philippines, the same kind of work that is done in other countries can be done in the Philippines for a fraction of the cost. The language? Don’t worry about it. Fluent English is spoken by the vast majority of the population.

3. Setting up a company – 170 out of 189

The Philippines went up 30 places in the Easy of Doing Business Report released by the World Bank but setting a company remains one of the hardest and bureaucratic processes in the world.

With 15 different steps, you will frustrate yourself and your manager who will not understand why you can not set up a company in a few days. It actually takes 35 days in average and your patience will be gone shortly after you start with the unending requirements. A Consulting Firm knows the requirements and is familiar with the process, making the process much more efficient and easier than it seems.

4. Support to your Business

Having a reliable and competent partner is the best way to penetrate this market and hiring a good consultant with knowledge about the local business and culture, will definitely support you in the development of your company. You will gain knowledge and understand the Philippines much faster.

Why shall you waste time trying to understand the corporate code, the taxation system, labor code or do your own payroll? Don’t. Focus on your business and revenue. Study the market, your competitors and focus in increasing your sales and customer satisfaction.

5. Triple I Consulting is in the Philippines

Triple i has a world-class and multicultural team who will understand your business, goals and concerns. Quality Performance? Consider it delivered. Assisting hundreds of companies in establishing and doing business in the Philippines, we can guarantee you a successful and efficient incorporation and become the business partner a company like yours is in search of. Contact us.

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