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BIR Importer Clearance Certificate new ruling

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The BIR (Bureau of Internal revenue) issued the memorandum order N° 10-2014 on February 20, 2014 with regards to the new requirements pertaining to the policies, guidelines and procedure in the accreditation of all importers and custom brokers in the Philippines.

In order to register with the Bureau of Customs (BOC), all importers and customs brokers, unless exempted are now required to secure a BIR-ICC (Importer Clearance Certificate) accreditation from the BIR. The Importer Clearance Certificate is an added requirement of the bureau of customs (currently called ICARE – Interim Customs Accreditation and Registration).

The commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue has already issued their rules, regulation and requirements concerning this new policy. The guidelines and procedure are available on the section 4 – page 7 of the memorandum order N° 10-2014, accessible here.

It is mandatory for all importers and custom brokers to comply straight away with this new BIR policy. All importers are given ninety days (90) from the issuance of the said BIR rules to comply. Otherwise, the existing accreditation or application of Importer will be automatically expired. Additionally, all pending new applications and renewals as importer with the bureau of customs ICAR unit must be forwarded to the BIR for processing the ICC.

If you need assistance in securing the Importer Clearance Certificate, please contact Triple I Consulting.

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